Fatal mistakes in correspondence with a Russian bride.

Russian bridesEach foreigner when he starts corresponding with a Russian bride should know the fact, that all of his attempts to humiliate, insult, or simply behave with no respect towards his woman, the attempts to make her feel guilty about something, or simply the attempt to lower her self esteem will not bring to anything good in the best case, and in the worst case it will bring to the situation when there is no way back, and this man has lost his woman for good.

Russian ladies have a very high self esteem, they know what they can offer, and that is why they will never accept the type of attitude in which they will feel he emotional abuse. In the United States this kind of behavior makes the local women suing their men, and after getting very tired of it, these men are trying to “revenge” while showing this kind of attitude, but towards different women, they expect that Russian girls, will tolerate everything, all of their bad manners because they should be grateful to them for the fact that they are getting them out from the bad life situation they are in. But the truth is that the Russian lady would rather tolerate a difficult life from the material point of view than will allow someone humiliating her.

This kind of behavior even through correspondence women usually tolerate from men whom are not very interested in the final result of their potential look. So in order to secure their selves women often ask for the photo copy of the ID of their men, because as soon as they send it to them, they practically a sending the tool with which those women can control them, as from now on she knows his full name and address, so this way, if he will upset her, she will always have a chance to create him such big problems that it would be very hard for him to get out of them.


And eventually if the man is refusing to give such an information, that sounds like a “ring bell” in lady’s head and she starts making up all the “terrifying” reasons why he cannot do it.

In the cases when the correspondence goes well, usually during six to eight personal letters two people are making up a plan of meeting with each other in the nearest future. A good tip for the lady would be suggesting help in finding a hotel (as she needs which one would be closer to her place of living, which will ease their meetings) and eventually meeting her interlocutor in the airport, as those are the signs that indicate to men the level of interest towards him, and eventually a sort of care, which is missed very much by the biggest part of men.

Also a good tip would be communicating nice, but at the same time not put too much pressure upon the man, as there are no men in the world that would really enjoy this kind of behavior, from their woman, and it is no difference whether the pressure is through the letters, or while communication face to face. Usually all the “biography” data takes not that many mutual letters, at least not more than ten, during the first month, and this time is already enough in order to see whether the man will keep corresponding or will “disappear” for good, as soon as he will understand that he came to the wrong place. Men are tired of day to day pressure at work, and that is why in their woman, they look for soul warmth and mutual understanding, and in a variety of cases all he gets for some reason is pressure and the attempt to “drag” him into the marriage as soon as possible.

So if after reading all the information the Russian woman doesn’t get disappointed in her man, and still is very interested in him, than probably it is her perfect man, with who she should marry and create a family.

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