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About Romance expert

Online dating became a part of our life, like tickets booking online, food and products ordering, taking lessons online. It isn’t unusual or odd anymore to find a partner on Internet platforms.
At the same time, since it’s typical for people to make certain mistakes in their offline communications, things can go wrong in virtual ones too, even with a bigger possibility.

Knowing that, dating experts work hard, post educative articles and dating tutorials for avoiding such common mistakes in love and romance. The price of loosing the relationship is too high.
Learning the best strategies for pickuping girls online, complimenting them, becoming emotionally closer, enchanting them on the first date, all that is described on dating blogs.
But that’s not all. Even if you aren’t dating online and your partner is already there beside you, the misunderstandings are possible. Relationship therapists are helping to avoid that too.

Best tips for proposing to a girl, for wedding arrangements, for conflict resolution in marriage, all these topics can be found on Romance expert blog. More themes are coming soon.
International and interracial dating is free from stereotypes today, but things aren’t completely smooth either. We singles need to learn much more in depth about our potential partners’ culture.

Top sites and apps for dating online


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Best dating sites guarantee people will find a perfect match, since they offer a big database of attractive singles. It includes all categories, hookup girls, mail order brides, and mature women.
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Dating experts recommend to pay a close attention to this top hookup platform. Both casual and long-term partners can be found here, but their quality will be equally high and impressive.
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This high-rated dating site is considered safe and effective. Hundreds of singles found their perfect match here, and posted online their success stories. Would your name be on that list?
Beautiful females of all ethnicities, races, ages and sexual preferences are gathered here for your comfort and satisfaction. It’s so easy to meet in real nowadays, just keep on searching and make it happen.

Hot single ladies and relationships date advice

The majority of women we meet online on various dating sites and apps, are either from Asia or from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. Did you think why it’s exactly so, and what it means for westerners?
All is very simple, western women and some of European ones do not possess anymore such vital female qualities as softness, compromising, calmness, sweetness, elegance, modesty.

Luckily, these qualities are still on their place in Asia and Eastern Europe. Particularly, it’s a consequence of the pro-communistic upbringing, and it’s probably the only positive side of it.
But there is also something special in these women’s genes, their biological data. They really enjoy pleasing their man, respecting him, listening to his advice, treasuring their beauty for him.

dating sites and apps

Sounds like a fairy tale, but that’s confirmed by any traveler who dated an Asian girl or a Slavic woman. The only problem that can appear, is that modest beauties live in modest countries and survive.
However, not all girls become sugar babies or trophy wives. They solve it in other ways, like assisting a man in his business, babysitting for other families, modelling for fun and for pocket money.

How to succeed in dating online?

Romance expert recommends to remain romantic under any conditions, while chatting with a single girl online. It’s easy for desperate romantics, but the tough life made them occupied with work.
Exactly this disbalance should be improved if we want to succeed with a new woman. We want affection, but we forgot how to give it in return, because of neverending daily stresses.

We want wild sex, but we’re often out of energy and don’t have any wish to really turn on someone. We get straight to the point, to the physical intercourse and women have different expectations.
It happens that we want lasting togetherness, but we forgot how to trust. We constantly suspect that a girl will ask about some favor, or hunt for our life resources. Things should be taken easier.

chatting with a single girl online

Relationship therapists declare that most of couples, both recently formed and stable ones, experience trust issues of different kinds. Girls also have reasons to trust us less.
So basically, the most important advice is to work on our self-protection instincts and negativity, since there are often no reasons for them, at all. We can succeed if we’re more open and loving.

Questions and answers

How do I test a girl’s sincerity?
Share any sad memories with her and observe her reaction. Also say you’re short in money and see whether she disappears instantly from the chat.

How to detect real photos?
Just compare studio photos to all casual photos and notice the difference.

Should I avoid meeting her parents?
If you’re there just for sex, then of course avoid a direct contact with them.

Why should I date abroad at all?
To travel with benefits, to meet a younger partner, to broad your experiences.

How do I know if she is a hookup material?
She’ll let you know with her easy virtue and flirtatious attitude.

How do I have virtual sex with a girl?
Start from romantic fantasies exchange and if she adds erotic elements, go further.

How not to spend a penny on a girl?
Meet an independent woman on cougar dating apps or try mature hookups.

What does it mean is she often says she’s busy?
Maybe you overlooked one of her important demands. Ask directly about the problem or just skip and try with others.

woman on cougar dating apps

What are good first date questions?

• How can a man make you happy?
• How would you like to spend our first weekend together?
• Do you like giving and receiving romantic souvenirs?
• Which topics are you shy to discuss with your man?
• Are you discussing things openly when something upsets you?
• Can you be devoted to one man only?
• Do you like extreme and trying something new at times?
• What is your reaction if someone criticizes your man?
• What are some of your secrets of looking so beautiful?
• In which situations do you need personal space and in which, togetherness?

What are good questions to ask a single girl online?

• What is your favorite romantic scenery?
• What gives you shivers and fresh impressions?
• Do you use any aphrodisiacs before the first date?
• Which sexy costume would you wear to excite your beloved?
• Do you consider yourself an experienced lover?
• Do you have any phobias like agoraphobia or aquaphobia?
• What would you like your future partner to know about you?
• Where would you take your new man to see your country?
• What are some of the jobs you could never do?
• What turns you on even when you’re not in the mood?

How to detect the most passionate lover?

Let’s not hide, no one ever educated us properly about sex and romance. Our families were busy making money, then our teen buddies were naughty and obsessed, then we got our own busy jobs.
People do not see psychologists much, considering it costly and humiliating. As a result, very often, we don’t even know how to treat a girl. We do miss perfect opportunities for high quality hookups.

high quality hookups

Online dating process is very convenient but on another side, its simplicity makes things look primitive. Since we value our time, and don’t have strategies, we push a girl to want us immediately.
If she didn’t jump to our lap right away, virtually or offline, we conclude it didn’t work and move along to another person. Wrong! It shouldn’t be done like that. We are missing real opportunities.

When we read the critics about mail order brides, we see only men’s point of view. Our dating experts were interviewing the international brides themselves, during many years, so we know their view.
Most of the girls are surprised when a western man gets disappointed in only 1 or 2 days of acquaintance and disappears. Often, the long correspondence prior to that builds emotional connection.

French kiss on the first meeting

While men give up for very insignificant reasons, like the absence of deep French kiss on the first meeting or an expensive meal a girl ordered, women start wanting them slowly but strongly.
Those who got a high sex drive yet modest attitude, simply control themselves until they can open up and shower a man with passion. They get hurt when he doesn’t even notice or realize that.

Because of our insecurities, we cut off the potential lover who could raise our sexual self esteem sky high, bring us brand new impressions, refresh our zest for life, satisfy us fully and completely.
Ask yourself, is it wise? Now you’re warned, and you will not leave the date with a bitter feeling without any reasons. Better keep on creating that special atmosphere and chemistry between you two.

Success stories about romantic dating online

“I believe in happy coincidences and our meeting with Elena was one of them. We liked each other a lot although didn’t really know about each other’s culture or expectations.
I was never shy to ask consultants or mentors if I didn’t know something. So I started to study Russian dating blogs thoroughly and learned many new things about this country.
Most of all, I wanted to be romantic enough for my Elena. And it worked. She said later, that she didn’t expect such a gallant attitude from a foreigner. I guessed right all her secret wishes.
Reading top dating blogs really increases empathy. I would recommend this to all single men who consider dating abroad. Our relationship is very harmonious now and we keep on working on that”.

exotic girlfriend from China

“Guyam became my first exotic girlfriend, she’s from China. I never dated Asian women before and had no idea what to do. But she appeared very patient and understanding, so we managed well.
On the beginning, we expected different things from each other in a bed, had different daily habits and eating traditions. But, step by step, we got adapted and quite accepted each other.
When we neutralized all misunderstandings, it appeared we actually want same things. We started experimenting and found so much in common, we learned to please each other a lot.
I think singles should remember it’s a process, and never give up. I wish I knew this before, and could practice years ago. I love my Chinese girlfriend and I think it has a nice continuation”.

“It’s funny but on the beginning, our mothers didn’t accept our choice. We were stormed by the criticism from both sides. My now-wife is Ukrainian and women are pretty strong-minded there.
It took us almost a year to prove to everyone around that we’re a perfect match. Even when our disagreements were considerable, we remained compromising and supported each other.
I think, our key ingredient was chemistry. It appeared naturally and then it was only growing. All we had to do is cementing it with our commitment and dedication. It’s hard but possible.
Another key for success was our religion, I am a strong Catholic believer and Julia attends Catholic church in Ukraine too. It isn’t that common in Russia or Belarus, for example.
I am happy we found each other on a popular dating site, and my friend told me to keep on educating myself with romantic blogs. We appreciate our special connection more than ever”.

dating a Filipina hottie

“I would laugh if someone told me just six months ago that I will be dating a Filipina hottie, or that I will be reading dating blogs all nights long to avoid serious mistakes. But I am doing both.
I am ridiculously happy with my Pina girl, never expected this in my life. Western girls cannot be compared to her, no way. She is a real woman, although still very young. I am happy guys”.