When to Say “I Love You”

There is always a moment in your life when you fall in love with another person and want to profess love. These are just three words, a short phrase, but it is a very tricky task to know when the time is right to say “I love you”. If you confess too early, you risk scaring away the one you love or really intimidate him/her; in case you do it too late, you are at a risk of looking a person, who doesn’t really care. So, what you need to do is step back from your relationship, think of your feelings, intentions, take your time and if you haven’t changed your mind, then find the best possible moment and tell your loved one “I love you”.

The first thing that should be done carefully is the analysis of your feelings. Think how deeply you love a person; is it a true love or maybe it is just a lust? Never say a person you love him/her when it is not so. Playing with someone’s feelings is the worst thing you can do. Think how often your partner is on your mind? What are you intentions in this relationship? If you genuinely in love with the person and you think you would like to commit yourself to a dedicated relationship, then the time to profess love is near. All you need is just to think of the most appropriate time to say “I love you”.

Think of the seriousness of your relationship and how far it developed. Have you already met each other’s parents? How often do you meet, see each other? Do you enjoy your communication, time spent together? If you two talk of the serious relationship, dedication, make plans together, it is the time for these three little words meaning so much for your soul mate.

Think over how and when it will be better to profess love to your loved one, create a special moment: this can be a special date, a romantic moment when you two observe the stars, etc. in case you won’t hear these three words in return from your partner, try your best not to get hurt. Maybe your partner just needs more time to profess his/her feelings.