Top 10 Mistakes Men Make While Dating Russian Women


The following article provides you with the top 10 mistakes men commit dating Russian ladies.
Sending money! Never send money to unknown people. It is a big NO! Any Russian or CIS woman asking you for money is a scammer.

Not being prepared to visit! In order to get a fiancée visa for your dating Russian bride, you will need to meet before and preferably in her country, especially for visas in the USA and Canada. A lady, who is seriously interested in you, will want to meet you.

Falling in love with a photo! Always remember you don’t marry a beautiful picture, but a real woman. Make sure the photos are recent and preferably try to have a video chat with a girl to see the way she looks now, maybe her hair length and color has changed, or she gained some kilos, etc.

Centering on one woman only! To meet the lady of your dreams right away is like wining the lottery. So, make sure you communicate with several women to compare and not to miss your real love.

Avoiding proper research on sites! Take time and look for a good reputed, trustworthy site, not to become the victim of fraud. Go on different forums and choose the site you can trust.sexrussianladies

Sending wrong pictures! Showing the pictures of your possessions will only attract scammers. Remember, Russian women are impressed by your inner world and not your belongings!

Considering her to be after a visa only! Sincere Russian lady would be offended by this remark as she wants to travel thousands of kilometers away form her home to be with loving husbands and not a savior.

Thinking of Russian wife as atrophy! Russian women are very strong and independent; don’t expect them to be submissive.

Avoiding asking questions! If you are seriously interested in a woman, you will ask her questions. If not, then you are not interested in her and very soon lose her interest.

Not having a back-up plan.
You never know how things can work. So make sure you have contact information of the local agency to meet other ladies if things don’t work out.

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