Signs of Interest on a Date

Flirting or being on a date, lookout for the signs of interest. If you notice four and more of the signs, the person is most likely interested in you. Be attentive to his/her body language and if you see green light, move further on!

  • Prolonging eye contact. An eye contact longer than four seconds is not usual for acquaintances, friends, but it is a normal thing among lovers. Looking into somebody’s eyes for a long time is sort of intimidating; however, if you are flirting and you want a person know that, you keep a lengthy eye-contact sending an explicit message.


  • Mirroring. It is automatic reflection of your date’s posture, gestures, thus creating a rapport with you, usually subconsciously rather than consciously. You can check this, by changing a position of your arm, for instance, and observe if during the next minute the posture of your date will be changed.

  • Pay attention to where body and feet are pointing. If a person likes you and likes being around you, you will see him/her speaking with the face turned to you. If a person is not interested in you and would like to be somewhere else, the face would be turned away from you, or his/her legs and feet would be pointing somewhere else even if a person is facing to you.


  • Leaning in towards you. If you notice this, this means your date is interested in you a lot and maybe even excited. If the person is leaning away from you and has his/her arms or legs crossed, there is no interest in you on his/her side.


  • Touch is a good sign. Pay attention to the position of hands, if they are close enough to be touched, then a person would liked to be touched, but is shy to do so. Touching arms when sitting next to each other is a good flirting signal.


A person looks more at your face or body, but not your eyes, especially lips or other erogenous zones. This shows a person is interested in kissing this or that part of you