Russian Women Care a Lot about Their Wedding

russinglesfordateRussian Marriage is not only a legalization of the bond between the two partners, promising future kinship, not only a social contract legalizing sexual intercourse between two people, but also something more – traditions, culture, expectations, hopes, desires, etc.

People of every culture have their own wedding traditions and rituals. Brides and grooms dress up in accordance to tradition for this special day. Russia is not an exception and Russian women also try to represent social traditions on their wedding day.

On her wedding day a biutiful Russian woman would go for a wedding dress usually of white color. Traditionally, Russian women had two dresses they wore on a wedding day. One was worn before the wedding ceremony and the second after. The one that was worn after was usually of a red color, because this color symbolized happiness.

Nowadays, Russian wedding dresses resemble Western ones and brides go for one wedding dress of white or ivory color.

Together with this Russian traditions remain.

Before the wedding ceremony a groom needs to pay the so-called ‘ransom’ for his wife-to-be. In the past it was money and material things, but nowadays the ‘ransom’ is usually taken as a fun part of the wedding where the groom needs to fulfill all the tasks the bridesmaid asks him to. This can be songs, dances, riddles, etc.


Before leaving the home spouses-to-become ask for parental blessing. Having received it, they head to the ceremony in separate cars as only when they are officially husband and wife they are allowed to stay in one car.

For sure, this is just a small part of Russian traditions for wedding. Remember, traditions for Russian women are very important and if you agreed on wedding in Russia, you have many things to learn and discover.

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