Russian patriotism, and its influence upon brides.

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noviasukraineSometimes i see Russian women who are suffering as they think they are not patriots of their own country, as they feel guilty for the fact that they speak too many good things about America and do not mention their own country at all. And it is something that is wrong, we all know and appreciate the place we were born in, the only difference is that we are no longer in that place, and eventually we stopped speaking about it.

For me being a patriot of your own country means seeing all the pluses and minuses of the country, seeing all the negative things but still feeling that it is your homeland and you love this place.

All of those things are very real and natural, and there is no such power in the world that would be able to make you change your mind upon this issue. No matter how attractive the character of a person is for for you, if you cannot stand some of the things that this person is doing such as the way he or her eat, the voice or the dandruff on the shoulders, all of those things sooner or later will make you hate or feel anger towards the person by your side. This kind of chemistry is usually hard to realize, but the truth is that it can really turn you away from the person by your side.rusbrides

Of course, behind of all these excuses can also stand the anxiety, and low self-esteem, and the inability to communicate, or just the simple laziness. But all of those opinions also have the right to exist. Everyone does what he wants is at this specific time of his life. In my opinion, any limitations of yourself whether while meeting online, or in some other way, are equally ineffective for you.

Let the fate do its job and really show you your “soul mate”-where and in what form you will eventually meet. The Internet is only an option to help you searching for, just another great source of resources.

And the thing you should really concentrate upon finding the partner for lifetime are the mutual dreams and desires, mutual aspirations about life. It is very important to learn the difference between staring at each other all the time, and gazing into one and same direction, as staring at each other sooner or later will become boring, but having same goals in life for the future will keep developing you as a personality, and will become a great tool in order to make the relationship work. There are a lot of examples of people who were starting a family without loving each other but they had same goals, upon which they worked together, and at the beginning they were feeling great respect towards each other, and later this respect was growing into something bigger and more important into tenderness and great love. It is scientifically proved that this kind of families have more chances to grow till happily ever after, than the ones that were starting the family life from passion and wild love towards each other.

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