Russian bride, the first letter in the correspondence

girlaIt is always very difficult to make the first step in life, as you don’t know what to say or how to act, but the truth is that you do not need to think too much about it, everything is supposed to happen according to its own fate. The thing worrying most of all Russian brides is realizing what to do next as soon after placing the profile and making the professional photo session. What to do after receiving the first letter? How to realize whom of the men who wrote you, might become your future husband? And what does she have to write him back in order to keep him interested in her? How to make the right choice? First of all you need to make a serious “inspection” of your inbox letters. And to make a division of men you like and would like to get to know better, and the ones who would never have any chance to win your heart. And eventually the ones you do not like should not feel ignored or upset, it is better to have a standard refusal response for them in order not to hurt person’s feelings. You need to polite thank the person for the attention and let this person know that he is simply not the person you are looking for, do not write that you already met the person you would like to link your life with, as with this kind of answer you will harm the marital agency that has placed your profile, because after meeting the man of your life eventually it would be logical to delete your profile at all (because this way you will economy your time and the money of man who is hoping to get a positive answer from you).

How to realize who is the right man, and who is a wrong one, what are the features that can help you understand that? There is no one hundred percent sure answer on this question, but there are some moments you need to turn your attention upon.

First of all, what the letter is about? Is the man making compliments? Does it have any hints with “double” meaning? Are you invited for a friendly correspondence? Do you get letters on some other topic except getting a husband and creating a mutual family together? Or you are getting a serious letter with the hope of creating some possible serious relationship? Sometimes Russian brides get letters from men who have serious sexual problems, and once again it depends on the pictures that the bride has placed on her profile, sometimes the picture of the bride is provoking men for having such thoughts, that is why after getting this kind of letters it would be better to change the profile picture, but anyway the bride should refuse corresponding with such a man. While reading the first letter from man, woman should always be aware of the fact that the person who is interested in the relationship would carefully think about what things to write in it, and will send you a good picture, so to cut the story short, this man will try to create a positive impression upon you. Into his first letter would be invested a lot of efforts and time.bridas

From who is the letter, it is important to turn attention on the things that the man is writing about him in the letters, such as: age, profession, and education, place of living, whether he has children from previous marriages, and so on.

You must realize that things you are comfortable with and that are the problems with your prospective partner. You need to clearly imagine the possible problems that you will encounter, while ignoring the large difference in age, and the presence of three children living with dad every second week, or the fact that he lives in the village, far away from the noisy city. Well, after considering all of those aspects carefully, every woman will be able to find a perfect partner for herself.

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