My advice how to date Russian women

how to date Russian womenWhilst dating different girls I actually managed to get the point that some single men from my country still cannot understand – each and every girl is unique and we should know how to date her. I also had my own experience and found out a lot of interesting things about dating the women that I find as one of the most perfect for making solid family and happy marriage. So when I finally made my decision I started searching for more information in order to answer my question – how to date Russian women? I was pretty sure enough there were some specific rules according to Slavic culture and Russian traditions. And I was right. So what are my advice that will help single men to date single ladies from Russia in order to get married?

  • Be honest. Don’t try to pretend and create different fairytales about your life, the past, plans, views of life etc. The best key for making good relationship with a future wife from Russia, or any other Slavic country, is being honest and take all the responsibility of the words you are saying.
  • Don’t try to show your financial status. It doesn’t work with women from Russia. They don’t look inside your wallet in order to find a big amount of money and buy the most expensive dress they were dreaming about. Russian ladies try to see your inner world and your soul in order to discover you as the person and make sure you are the one with whom they can create a family they have been dreaming about for so long in their life. Have you ever thought about the thing that is being automatically noticed by people when they first meet you? It is the clothes that show people’s financial status. So if you really want to impress your future wife you can just wear simple casual clothes.
  • Ask your woman about her family. Slavic women appreciate having and spending their free time with the family which automatically makes them the best family women. I was also very surprised to be invited to come to my girl’s house when I first came to visit her. I really liked the atmosphere at her home that was created by her parents and lots of siblings that came to meet me because that is a part of hospitable Russian culture when a foreigner first comes to their country. I liked the fact that the whole family takes the deep conversation and always discuss something. Also, they always listen to each other and that was the way I learned how to communicate with my Slavic wife in future. Even if you still cannot go to the country where you match lives you can feel absolutely free to ask her about the family.
  • Be simple. This topic, in my personal opinion, is somehow connected to the second one. In order to be liked by a woman I was dating to I just needed to be simple because Slavic ladies don’t like “complicated men” which means they are not big fans of people who cover their real personality and trying to pretend to be someone else. I think such quality and other similar characteristics attracted me and started admiring Russian ladies.

admiring Russian ladies

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