How to talk with ukrainian women from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolayev, Lvov.

Ukrainian women’s beautyWhat is Ukrainian women’s beauty? There can’t a single one answer to this question, as everybody’s tastes, preferences, criteria, and methods of evaluation of attractiveness are completely different

Of course, every girl is beautiful and attractive in her own way, it is conditioned genetically and serves for saving the humanity. However… in some cities of Ukraine, for reasons unknown, beauty of local women exceeds all imaginable human standards and norms. A Ukrainian dating agency made up a rating of cities where the most beautiful Ukrainian ladies live on a basis of results of foreign men’s polling. Well, in what cities of Ukraine do the most beautiful women live? If one adds ecology, industry and genetics, we have the following list.

  1. Kharkov. A big city with a well-developed beauty industry, a record rate of ‘Miss’ and ‘Missis’, an international, European city, girls for any taste.

2. Odessa. Also a big and well-developed city on the south of Ukraine, a perfect climate, sea, a rich history of Turkish attacks and a wonderful cocktail in their blood. A distinguishing feature of Odessa girls is their charm. Usually, among them you don’t often come across blondes, but there are more than enough of wonderful brunettes. Odessa is a city of especially loose morals, a Ukrainian Amsterdam. That’s the reason of such an attention of men from various countries.Ukrainian women

3. Kiev. Air, water and souls are poisoned – it’s a disadvantage. However, the best beauties of the country come to the capital to find their happiness here. It’s an advantage. According to experts, almost every girl here is beautiful. You come to a shop and see a photo model at a cash desk, and that’s not only in the shop – it’s everywhere.

4. Nikolayev. The same case as Odessa: a southern sun plus an international cocktail. The city is located far from Kiev, but there are many beautiful women in it possessing a special attractiveness. In this city there are many universities and colleges, that’s why there are always many young faces in the streets.

5. Lvov. It’s a case opposite to Kharkov and Odessa. It’s a preserve of the pure Ukrainian beauty that exists only in books. And in Lvov.

As one can see, big cities win in comparison with provincial ones, a beauty industry is better developed in them. However, no matter how much botox you apply, how many facelifts you make, you won’t mix up a healthy face color with anything. That’s why southern women from prosperous agrarian regions (Kherson, Mariupol, Melitopol) also win in something in comparison with eastern girls suffering without vitamins and female citizens of industrial cities soaked in dust.Ukrainian women and dating app

With all present diversity of documentaries, the movie of Narducci director is notable. It may be sometimes funny, and sometimes scary to watch the movie. The plot is the following: a group of Americans leaves for a ‘Romantic tour’ of a popular international company through Odessa, Nikolayev, and Kherson. In every city the guests are invited to a party with two hundreds of potential brides.

In the course of the story the director emphasizes several main characters. Some of them even manage to find a desired life partner, and others, on the opposite, become victims of frauds. For example, one of them spent more than $10,000 for correspondence through a dating service with hot beauties (one letter costs $10, as it should be translated). It turned out that he got just a set of good pics.

A budget of the ‘To Marry a Foreigner’ movie made $250,000. The work lasted for three years. The director mentions that it was so hard to make the movie that he would never take up anything like that again.

beautiful Ukrainian ladies
In the movie it goes not about all the Ukrainian women, but a specific type of persons – those who register on such sites. Moreover, it goes not only about a specific type of Ukrainian girls, but specific American men as well. ‘To Marry a Foreigner’ is a representation of not Ukrainian women at all, but only those of them trying to marry a foreigner. Moreover, in the USA nobody will think that all Ukrainian women are like that, as Americans are not used to take a group or a country in a stereotypical way.