Dating First Time – Tips

First date is very exciting, but at the same time you feel terrified and nervous. It is a normal thing. So, here are some tips to make your first date go smoothly.

Don’t be late. This is a very important step from which your actual date starts. Don’t provide the impression of an irresponsible person or the one, who doesn’t care. If you are going to be late, as sometimes this doesn’t depend on you, communicate with your date and call him/her letting know you will be late. If you don’t know each other’s phone numbers, make your best to explain that being late wasn’t your intent.

Look neat and well-groomed! Make sure your fingernails are clean, clothes are tidy and properly ironed, shows polished, hair style is neat and any odors are under control. Women should look how they look and not to have excess of make up, mild perfume is welcomed, looking simple on the first date is the best way to impress a man.

Don’t choose a crowded place for the first date. Your goal is to get to know each other better, side noises and too loud atmosphere would disturb you two. Choose a nice quite place where you would be able to communicate freely and enjoy the process.

Communicate, but don’t over communicate! Getting to know each other is asking and answering questions. Make sure you ask the questions that you want to ask, but keep in mind that too many questions and too many answers would cause the lack of interest on your date’s side. Everything is good in moderation!

Give some surprises about you. This will allow you to have things to discuss on your next date. If you tell everything on the first date, your date will loose interest in meeting you for the second time. Make sure you have your partner’s attention not only on the first, but also other next dates.

Have fun on your date. Make sure you are not nervous and overexcited. Never show these emotions to your date. Instead, make your date fun and learn what activities your date enjoys to make next dates more fun.