Dating a Divorced Man/ Woman with Kids

Any new relationship has its strong and weak sides, however dating a divorced man or woman that has kids, is even more challenging. As a rule, this sort of relationship takes a slowly pace to develop, that at the same time benefits with better and healthier transition between the partners. Below you will find some tips that will help you in dating a divorced partner with children.


Take it slow. Taking things slowly is the best way to approach a divorced person with children. Let your date take his/her time and decide the time when you will meet his/her children. There is no need to rush the events and meet children right away or try to create a bond with them from your only first dates. Relationship that develops naturally will be stronger in future.


Respect your partner’s children’s feelings. It is not a secret that children get affected by their parent’s dating life. All the children have concerns with a ‘newcomer’ into their family, a new comer that takes an important part in their parent’s life. That is why it is very important to respect children’s feelings and try your best to make the transition less painful for them.


Never act like a parent on the initial stage of the relationship. The children are most likely to resent if you will act like their stepparent, trying to replace one of their parents. You better try to develop a friendship with the children; this will ease your way to a stepparent role in future.


Learn to cope with the ex-spouse. You need to keep in mind that a former spouse will come to see children and interact with your partner. He/she can get jealous about your position in the family. So, the best thing is let the ex spouses interact and not get in the middle.


Though dating a divorced person with children can be quite complicated at the beginning, it can lead to a happy, harmonious, rewarding relationship for its parts. So, take your time, be attentive to everyone in the family and respect their feelings and get enough of patience to come over the transition period.